Lexxicorp to Be Made Holding Company

Trans-Asia Inc. announces that its Australian affiliate, Lexxicorp Pty Limited will be made a holding company for Trans-Asia's publishing and other interests in Australia, effective Monday, March 3, 2008.

Lexxicorp has for a number of years provided Trans-Asia with both translation agency operations in Australia and served as its center for research and development. Both Study-Now.com, Trans-Asia's e-learning program for language learners, and Qwik-Trans, an online translation system, were developed by Lexxicorp. To streamline its operations and reduce costs, however, Trans-Asia has made the decision to deal with Lexxicorp's translation clients direct from Tokyo starting in March and to outsource its development needs. Trans-Asia is committed to maintaining service levels for Lexxicorp clients and will sustain its investment in R&D.

Lexxicorp is the parent company of Diplomat Media Pty., Ltd., which publishes The Diplomat magazine. It also plans to create a second subsidiary in February called Diplomat Events Pty., Ltd., to provide event and association management services. Lexxicorp will provide accounting and management services for both of these companies as a holding company.